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The year 2007 marked the beginning of our as yet unceasing effort to preserve the history of motorsport in the Czech Republic in the tangible form of books filled with personal stories, results, emotions and period photographs.

The first of our rally books published so far is the one widest in scope, depicting the history of the Rally Škoda / Bohemia and called “Rallye psana srdcem” (“The Rally Written by the Heart”). Three years later the biography of Ladislav Krecek – a multiple national champion and ex-factory driver – was born, entitled “Kdyz Krecek prasil” (“When Krecek Raised Dust”). The tragic events of the years that followed forced us to change our approach to our books. The next one – “Rally ma jmeno Bohemia” (“Rally’s Name is Bohemia”) – provided advice to spectators while its price was symbolic thanks to an understanding of the project’s sponsors and partners. All the copies of this book, published in Czech and English, found their new owners in just a few months, and the money we raised through sales was used to buy a multi-purpose hospital bed for the ICU of the Children’s Hospital in Mlada Boleslav, with the aim of helping children and also changing the view of the public on rally, whose reputation had been tarnished by the superficial Czech media.
In 2017 in Otrokovice we launched our fourth book, which covered the greatest Czech event – the Barum Rally. The “Zlutomodra rally” (“The Yellow and Blue Rally”) includes over six hundred pages of photographs, commentaries, narratives and complete result sheets. Some journalists hailed its limited edition, signed by nine previous Barum Rally winners – John Haugland, Jiri Sedivy, Vaclav Blahna, Harald Demuth, Raimund Baumschlager, Franz Wittmann, Vaclav Pech, Roman Kresta and Jan Kopecky – a rare collector’s item. Some of the sales of this work about the Zlin event were again used to purchase equipment for the Children’s Hospital in Mlada Boleslav.
For a more detailed introduction of all of our books go to the Our rally books section.

We are currently working on two publications. The chief protagonist of the first one is a legendary driver while the other one features a famous navigator. They are due to be released in autumn 2020 and summer 2021 respectively.

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