Roman Kresta has arrived “On the Waves of Time“ – pre-ordering launched

(26. 08. 2021)

Announced quite a while back, the book about one of the most successful rally drivers in our country’s recent history is now going to print.

“Plenty of time has passed since the first word of the book was uttered in Roman Kresta’s parents’ living room back in 2018. Over that time nearly 370 pages have written, making up a publication which tells the tale of what is primarily the sporting life of one of the most successful motorsport drivers of our history", author of the book Dan Porazil explained, adding: “At the start of the project we had no ambition to hold a mirror up to anybody but over time it somehow naturally happened as a result of interviews with Roman’s navigators and sponsor and those who influenced his career. Therefore, many fans and readers are likely to be somewhat surprised after digesting the texts from people such as Malcolm Wilson, Pavel Janeba, Ota Zenkl, Ales Jirasek, Jan Kopecky, Vaclav Pech, Jan Tomanek, Jiri Tosovsky and many others. Context and understanding – this is the unspoken motto of Roman Kresta’s biography.

It has become an established rule for our books to include, besides emotions and the context we just mentioned above, side stories and facts. And this time round it is no different. What fans have to look forward to are stories such as the ones about the Skoda Favorit in the 1994 season and the Octavia WRC, and Nicky Grist’s recollections of 2005 Rally Australia. The creation of the book also involved the likes of Hans Folkesson, Jan Mozny, Milos Hulka, Petr Gross, Petr Stary, Jiri Hasik, Jaroslav Stary, Stepan Ladik and George Black – all of those have their space there.
The book titled “On the Waves of Time” is now going to print. Unless a bigger power decides otherwise – something hard to predict nowadays– it should reach its first readers at the beginning of November this year. Those who want to be sure they get their hands on a copy have the chance to pre-order it on www.peopleforrally.cz. We also have a special offer – a package including Roman Kresta’s biography and a book narrating the history of the Barum Rally.

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